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The purpose of this building, supported by the Charity Commission and Volunteers, is to provide a village hall for use by the inhabitants of the area with the specific objective of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants.


Following a period of decline a trustee committee was set up in 2000 to revitalise the institute building. A public meeting was held and approximately 90 people unanimously decided that the newly formed committee should proceed to try to save the institute. The building was in very bad repair and unusable, therefore the limited income available at the time was inadequate for maintaining, let alone improving the building.

Funding was gained from the European Union, Aggregates Levy Fund for Wales. The repairs and refurbishing of the building took place over three phases and involved gaining funding from various bodies. The funding for the phases required raising nearly half a million pounds.

Committee Members 

Paul Cutress  

Jane Smith    

Pat Williams 

Jane Tyson 

Ruth Selman 

Tom Edwards 

Helen Ingham

Matt Ward

Eirlys Wyn Thomas

Elaine Owen 

Chairman and Trustee

Treasurer and Trustee










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